Sri City Hiring Locals

The Sri City Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Chittoor district has been hiring locals in large numbers even before arguments began over ‘the jobs to local’s bill’ introduced by the State Government. Many of the firms have hired in excess of 90 to 96% locals which are beyond the benchmark fixed by the state government. As a matter of fact companies in Sri City are considering to fill their firms with virtually 100% locals. Merely a few top executive posts would possibly go to non-locals. Additionally, many women in the locality are now working in these firms. Corporations consider that this has generated an enhanced economic eco-system in the area. Many of these companies interestingly have woman strength of 90%. The scenario wasn’t the same prior to Sri City’s arrival in 2011.

Empowering Women

There were scarcely any industries in the famine hit areas placed between Nellore’s Tada Mandal and Satyadeva Mandal of Chittoor, a decade ago. Sri City has entirely changed the face of the province. The SEZ has given employment to over 50,000 people, customarily locals. Although over 30 thousand are engaged in jobs provided the rest is tied up in support services like construction, operating vehicles, man-power supply, housekeeping and security. The employment data relating to the neighboring villages of Sri City endorses that almost 95% of the people in employable age are receiving sources of revenue. The income of an average family was doubled to Rs.80 to Rs.90000 per year from Rs.36000 during the pre-Sri City period.

Transforming Lives

“I can confidently say that Sri City has transformed the lives of several thousand people in the neighborhood and more so because a good number of women are employed in thefirms.” C Ravindranath, spokesperson of Sri City proclaimed.

Sindhura, a research scholar from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Hyderabad) lately prepared a study on the economy of the region. According to her, the introduction of Sri City made a constructive impact in terms of economic liberation of women. Most women in the area feel that employment prospects in Sri City have given them a say and a chance to express themselves confidently.

Exemplar Women

Take the instance of Savithri, Sri City has made her capable to run her household of four after her husband fell extremely ill. Savithri works at Rising Star mobile (a unit of Foxconn) that has in excess of 15000 women on its pay-roll. Savithri related how the management of her firm takes extreme care to offer security to women staffers. They are picked up from their homes in the villages daily and dropped back.

Another lady Saritha from Varadayyapalem hamlet praises her job for a better and entitled position in society it provided. “My earnings are around Rs.12000 which is more than my husband’s who is a tailor” Saritha shared cheerfully.

Endorsing Women Workforce

Companies like Pals Plush, Everton Tea, MSR Garments, KGI clothing, Unicham clothing, Colgate Palmolive and Kellogg’s all have a vast women workforce. The state government has bent rules and now firms are additionally appointing women in their third shift (late night). Some firms are also offering dormitory lodging for those living far away from the factories. A senior official of an industry asserted “Women not only work hard but motivate many.”

– Harjeet Kaur

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