Tell me who doesn’t love to travel? Everyone does. Travelling is one of the best forms of exploring the self. What’s stopping you to explore the amazing parts of the country? I understand – it’s all about money. And you need good chunks of money to travel.

What if I share you some amazing places in India where you can travel with weeny amount of Rs 5000 and odd? I don’t think you’ll skip traveling now. These days Rs 5000 is the air travel cost. Now it’s time to trip the light fantastic because here is a list of 5 amazing places you can visit in India with just five thousand rupees, which is equal to nearly $70 approximately. Yay!! It’s amazing right.

Hampi: This is one of the greatest tourist attraction spots especially when you are planning for small budget trips. This place is a primordial village of Karnataka, located inside the city of Vijayanagara. Mesmerizes with its historic stuff and about the architecture, this place is rich for its prehistoric monuments and bygone history. You can visit this place either by road by catching an intercity bus which drives into the city or you can catch a train but the nearest railway station to Hampi is Hospet which is 13 km from Hampi. Most of the tourists and travelers commence the travel journey from Hospet to Hampi. The best tourist attractions to see at the place are – Virupaksha temple, Achyutaraya temple, Hemakuta Hill, Sule Bazaar, Zenana closure known for its Indo-Islamic architecture, and the great Archeological Museum. If you are anywhere near to Bengaluru, then this place should be the top travel spot in your travel bucket list.

Mcleodganj: This is an outlying district of Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. The place is famously known for its Tibetan culture, cricket matches at the grounds of Dharamshala, huge Tibetan population and the residence of Dalai Lama. This place is a perfect holiday destination place for all nature lovers, travelers, and people who love to go on an adventure or some kind of trekking. If you are planning to travel by road, then you can catch a Volvo bus or take a cab. If by air, then Gaggal airport is the nearest airport to Mcleodganj. The accommodation tariffs are also so pocket-friendly, and as low as Rs.150 – Rs.300 per day at nearby places like Dharamkot where you can spend your holiday with comfy throughout the day. After visiting the place, you have some popular attractions to visit – Bhagsunag falls, Dalai Lama temple, Tibet museum, Men-Tsee-Khang museum, and Kalachakra temple.

Kasauli:  Spend your weekend at this amazing hill station. A most romantic place to be, you can come with your family, peers, partner or solo. The best way to reach this beautiful place is by catching a train from Delhi to Kalka and then take a cab to reach Kasauli. If you are planning to travel by air, then it would be costly but still, if you wanted to travel by flight then the closest airport to Kasauli is Chandigarh. From there take a cab or a bus to Kasauli. If you are willing to travel by road, there are a lot of direct Volvo buses available to Kasauli. After visiting Kasauli; the list of popular places to visit are – Monkey point, Christ Church, The Mall, and Shri Baba Balak Nath Temple. For the stay, you have budgeted friendly hotels for you to accommodate. This costs you somewhere around Rs. 1000 or even less than that. And the travel cost to visit would approximately cost you in between Rs. 1500-Rs.2000. So, this brings the rough total of Rs. 3000 to spend on the total trip.

Rishikesh: This place attracts a lot of tourists every year, the so-called god’s place. A place famous for great adventure activities like water rafting, camping, rock climbing, bungee jumping and trekking, etc. This place is also famous for yoga, spirituality, meditation etc. There are a lot of ashrams near to Rishikesh where they practice all the aspects related to spirituality. You have well-connected ways to travel to this place. If you are willing to travel by train, then the nearest Railway Station to Rishikesh is Haridwar. Once you reached Haridwar, you can take a cab or catch to reach Rishikesh. The one-way ticket costs around Rs. 200 – Rs. 1500. Well, there are well connected ways from Delhi, Varanasi, and Jaipur etc. to visit Rishikesh. The list of popular places to visit are – Ram Jhula, Lakshman Jhula, Sivananda Ashram, Beatles Ashram, Rishikesh main market, and Neelkanth Mahadev Temple. For the stay, you have friendly ashrams to accommodate, costing around Rs.150-Rs.200 per day.

Lansdowne: Impeccable by its extreme hilltop view and tourism, this place consists of old buildings of the British colonial period. This is an ideal travel destination spot to unclench from your regular 9-6 office grinding and also an amazing travel spot for couples who wanted to spend their honeymoon. If by road, take a bus to Kotdwar and then take another local bus to Lansdowne. If by train, then there are two trains to catch from Delhi – Mussoorie express and Garhwal express. If by air, then the nearest airport to Lansdowne is Jolly Grant Airport Dehradun. From there catch a bus or book a cab if possible to Lansdowne, which is 152 km away from the airport. Summer is a good time to visit for trekking with friends, as the temperature would be around 30 degree Celsius. Winter would freeze-up your legs and spin, as the temperature would be 0-15 degree Celsius and this season would be more romantic for couples especially. After visiting Lansdowne, there are amazing places to visit here, like – Kalagarh Tiger Reserve, Garhwali mess, Kaleshwar temple, St. Mary Church and Tip-in-top. Some amazing activities also happens here at Lansdowne. You can go for bird watching, or boat in Bhulla Tal. If you visit during February, then you can enjoy the celebration of Mahashivratri too. As far as the accommodation as concerned, you’ll get fine places to live at a minimum budget of Rs. 1500 – Rs. 2000.

– D. Krishna Prasad

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